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Adult Classes are open to men and women ages 15 and older.

American-Filipino Kun Tao is a Mixed Martial Art/Hybrid Art which uses a variety of striking, pressure points, joint lock throws and grappling. Kun Tao is ideal for close quarter self-defense and combat situations. Your size and strength do not matter. Kun Tao is considered one of the most effective and practical self defense arts today. In addition, students will learn Kali/Escrima which is Filipino stick fighting.

Breaking is also taught at the students own pace which is valuable in enhancing one's ability to self-defend.

Competing is a personal choice - we do attend several competitions throughout the year both in sparring and breaking and each student can choose whether or not they would like to compete.

Kids Class info:

We believe in a proactive approach to building a strong foundation for our younger students to build on over the years. The positive image our instructors project to our students, and the constant encouragement, support and interaction with the student and parent alike are very important in building the strong bonds we foster here at Academy of Fighting Arts.

Children new to martial arts and those with prior experience will find this class exciting and enjoyable! Using games, obstacle courses and teamwork, children learn the basic skills needed to advance in the martial arts.

In addition to the clear benefits of exercise and fitness, children will learn valuable life skills including confidence, respect, honor, perseverance, self-control and integrity.


Beginner instruction starts with basic stances, strikes, falling, punches, kicks and blocks and advances to valuable self-defense and eventually into sparring, Escrima (stick fighting) and breaking at the student's own pace.

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